Structure & Logic of This Book – Chapter V

The Third Reich was supposed to last for a thousand years. It lasted for only twelve. The Second World War killed it. Hence the fifth chapter of this book is devoted to a reasonably detailed description of this global conflict (for obvious reasons, limited to European theater of operations).

It will cover the real origins of World War II, the first (and very successful) blitzkrieg campaigns of German Wehrmacht (defeat and occupation of Poland, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Denmark, Norway, Albania, Greece, Yugoslavia), the aerial Battle of Britain, the no less successful beginning of Operation Barbarossa (probably the most impressive military campaign in history), the first ever defeat of the previously invincible Wehrmacht in the Battle of Moscow, the resulting war of attrition that ultimately (and inevitably) resulted in the collapse of the German Armed Forces and the Nazi Germany.

In this chapter I will prove beyond the reasonable doubt that the Allies did not win the war. The Nazi Germany lost it. More specifically, Adolf Hitler lost it. By making not just one, but the whole string of disastrously wrong decisions.

In a separate section, I will present a “what-if” scenario (a bit of alternative history, if you will). What if Hitler won the Second World War? The results will undoubtedly surprise you.


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