Structure & Logic of This Book – Chapter IX

The Nazis committed horrible crimes against humanity – this is a cold hard fact. And obviously the most heinous crime by far is The Holocaust – the systematic murder of about six million Jews (I ran my own estimates of the number of victims using two different methods and have no reason to doubt the ‘official’ number).

Therefore, the whole chapter nine will be devoted to a detailed analysis of this terrible crime.

I will begin the chapter by putting The Holocaust in a proper perspective. More specifically, I will demonstrate that The Holocaust was not a unique crime but one of the about twenty genocides and democides perpetrated in the XX century – the ‘genocide age’. Definitely the worst if you take into account all attributes of a genocide, but not unique at all.

Then I will prove beyond the reasonable doubt that there was nothing specifically German in The Holocaust at all. That this genocide was caused by the accumulation of a ‘critical mass’ of several different factors by the end of June 1941. The resulting explosion obliterated six million Jews from the face of the Earth.

One of these factors was the European antisemitism (Judeophobia, to be more precise) that persisted for millennia. I will cover in reasonable detail the pre-Christian (pagan) Judeophobia, antisemitism in the Holy Roman Catholic Church, in the Anglican, Protestant and Orthodox Churches and the secular and the ‘grassroots’ Judeophobia in Europe.

I will discuss (and debunk) the infamous Protocols of the Elders of Zion and other anti-Semitic frauds and hoaxes. I will also prove beyond the reasonable doubt that the Jews (at least on a per capita) basis were (and still are) the most valuable nation on Earth that made the largest contribution (per capita) to a human civilization.

Then I will cover the ‘road to Holocaust’ that began right after the Armistice in November 1918 and ended in the last week of June of 1941 with the first mass murders committed by the SS Einsatzgruppen and the volunteers from the Baltic states just occupied by the yet victorious Wehrmacht.

Including the pre-1933 anti-Semitic activities of NSDAP, SA and SS, the persecution of Jews in pre-war Nazi Germany (1933-1939) and during the first two years of the Second World War. Including the infamous Nuremberg Laws, the Kristallnacht and other events and activities.

Then I will proceed to the presentation and analysis of the Final Solution (The Holocaust proper). Including activities of Einsatzgruppen in the occupied territories of the Soviet Union, the infamous Wannsee Conference and the establishment of extermination camps in Belzec, Treblinka, Sobibor, Chelmno and later Auschwitz. As well as lesser-known camps Majdanek, Maly Trostinets and others.

I will also prove beyond the reasonable doubt that although the Nazis were mostly actual perpetrators of this genocide, they received significant support from volunteers (citizens of occupied territories of Baltic countries, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and other nations). Specific section will be devoted to the genocide committed by the Ustaše in Croatia.

I will also prove that the Allies (especially the UK and the USA) could very well have prevented the Holocaust – but deliberately chose not to. The neutral nations also could have saved many thousands of Jews – but also chose to do nothing. Obviously, I will cover the infamous Evian conference and other missed opportunities (e.g. the Madagascar Plan) to save a large number of Jews.

I will devote a separate section to the activities (or lack of thereof) of the Holy Roman Catholic Church (and specifically His Holiness Pope Pius XII), And to the activities of the Protestant and the Orthodox Churches.

The last section will cover a little-known genocide that (fortunately) did not happen. I will prove (again beyond the reasonable doubt) that Joseph Stalin intended to commence ‘Holocaust 2.0’ during the first week of March 1953 and only his very timely death (murder, actually) saved millions of Soviet Jews from complete annihilation.

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