Structure & Logic of This Book – Chapter IV

Nazis successfully performed a comprehensive reengineering of Germany in record time, achieving truly spectacular results. But they considered their very successful Nazi Revolution only a first step towards the establishment of a Thousand-Year Reich. Of which they had a certain more or less (probably rather less than more) clear vision.

Which did influence even their short-term (let alone medium-term) plans, objectives, decisions and actions. Consequently, to properly understand these decisions and actions, you must have a clear picture and a thorough understanding of their long-term vision. And, of course, of the Nazi ideology. Although (contrary to a very popular misconception) the Nazis were very pragmatic and chose (developed actually) their ideology (and symbols) to fit their long-term objectives (not the other way around as is usually thought).

Therefore, the fourth chapter covers the long-term Nazi vision (of a Thousand- Year Reich), their ideology and their symbols (Swastika, Balkenkreuz, SS runes, etc.).


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