Structure & Logic of This Book – Chapter III

As I mentioned earlier, the Weimar Republic was unceremoniously sent to the dustbin of history because it could not satisfy the needs and desires of the German people.

Consequently, the Nazi Germany that replaced it, had a very simple choice – satisfy the needs and desires of German people or follow the Weimar Republic into oblivion. The Nazis (obviously) chose the former – and succeeded against all odds, overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles and solving seemingly impossible problems.

To achieve these phenomenal results, the Nazis (not surprisingly) had to perform a comprehensive reengineering of Germany. In other words, an across-the-board Nazi Revolution.

Which will be presented, analyzed and discussed (in reasonable detail) in the third chapter of this book. It will cover the Nazi revolution (and its truly spectacular achievements) in industry, agriculture, banking and finance, foreign trade, services sector, public works, social life, the military, foreign policy, science and technology and in other key areas.

As well as the truly draconian measures that it undertook (and why) to achieve these incredible results. Essentially transforming the democratic Weimar Republic into a totalitarian Führerstaat.

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