Structure & Logic of This Book – Chapter I

Nazi Germany was a product, a creation, a ‘baby’ of one individual – Adolf Hitler. Therefore, you can not understand Nazi Germany without first understanding its Fuehrer.

Consequently, the very first chapter of this book contains a reasonably detailed presentation, description and analysis of Adolf Hitler. His personality, his family, his childhood, his youth, his battlefield experiences in the Great War, his life as an outcast for two years after the Armistice, his joining the NSDAP and becoming its Führer, his relentless pursuit of absolute power in Germany, his becoming the Reichskanzler of Weimar Republic and then – the Führer of the whole Germany, his decisions and actions as the Supreme Commander of the Wehrmacht during World War II, his downfall and suicide on April 30th, 1945 in Berlin.

A special section of the chapter will be devoted to a reasonably detailed analysis of his book – Mein Kampf (a ‘Nazi Bible’ of sorts). I will also briefly discuss an unexpectedly popular conspiracy theory of Hitler surviving the calamities of the Soviet capture of Berlin and fleeing to Argentina (or some other distant place).


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