General Questions to Be Answered in This Book

1.       It is a common knowledge that the ‘Nazi Revolution’ of 1933-1939 was one of the most successful ‘quantum leaps’ in modern history. Possibly, in the whole human history. Why was it so successful? How did the Nazis manage to pull it off, overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles?

2.      It is also a common knowledge that from 1936 almost to May 1945 the Nazis enjoyed the support of the overwhelming majority (some estimate that up to 95%) of German population. How and why did they manage to obtain such an awe-inspiring support (unheard of in just about any other country)? Why did Germans – with very few exceptions – so heroically fight and work for Hitler and the Nazi regime practically until the very end? Why did the Germans have no desire at all to be liberated by the Allies? Why was the anti-Nazi resistance in Germany practically non-existent all those years?

3.     Why and how did the Nazis get such a strong support from citizens of other nations? Especially the conquered and occupied ones?

4.      What really motivated the Nazis? What was their fundamental drive?

5.      What did the Nazis really want to achieve? What was their long-term strategic vision for Germany? For Europe? For the rest of the world?

6.      Why did the Nazis commit such heinous, horrendous, monstrous war crimes and crimes against humanity? And were these crimes really that unique?

7.      Why did the Nazis ultimately fail? And why did they fail so quickly and dramatically?

8.      What can we learn from the history of the Third Reich?

9.      Why does the Third Reich still attract so much attention and interest? What makes it so attractive to a modern man (and woman)?


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