The Fifth Attempt

This is my fifth attempt to write a book about the Nazi Germany. Four previous attempts predictably resulted in four very unfinished manuscripts and four ruthlessly abandoned projects. Which is actually quite common for an amateur history writer. Or for any amateur writer, for that matter.

My first attempt was a detailed biography (in Russian – my native language) of Reinhard Heydrich – the ‘evil genius’ of the SS and the Third Reich in general. In the process of writing that book I found out that I actually wanted to write more than just a biography of just one SS general. I wanted to write the book about the Holocaust.

Hence I abandoned my first project and started working on another book – under the working title ‘The Road to Holocaust’ (also in Russian). Unfortunately for that project, I rather quickly found out that I did not care much about the Russian readers. I was interested only in the Western audience; therefore, I had to write a book in English.

This discovery (and my subsequent decision) resulted in the commencement of a third project – the book “The Road to Holocaust” in English. However, in the process of writing that book I found out that I actually wanted to write a book not just about the Holocaust, but a comprehensive book on Nazi Germany.

So “The Road to Holocaust” went straight into a waste basket and I started to work on a “Politically Incorrect Guide to Nazi Germany and the Second World War”. Using the famous Politically Incorrect Guides as a model (a paradigm, actually).

I liked the idea and the process of writing a comprehensive guide to Nazi Germany… but I did not like the ‘Politically Incorrect’ paradigm. I found it way too aggressive, belligerent, militant and ‘in your face’ for my liking.

Essentially, this book title (and the whole paradigm) amounted to an open declaration of war on the ‘official’, ‘mainstream’, ‘orthodox’ version of the history of Nazi Germany.

And I had (and still have) no desire to declare (let alone fight) a war on anyone. I firmly believe that I should not fight for the truth – I must only discover it, structure it into a book and make it public by publishing my book – electronically and on paper. And the truth that I release into the world will defeat the lies – and will conquer the world without any further assistance on my part.

Hence I decided to write a comprehensive book on Nazi Germany under the self-explaining title “The Essential Guide to Nazi Germany”. Because it contains all essential information that everyone interested in the history of the Third Reich must know.


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