My Gift to Germany and the German People

However, my desire to own (and read) the genuinely comprehensive guide to Nazi Germany was never powerful enough incentive to start writing this book. After all, I am not a professional historian.

I am a freelance management instructor and a writer of books on corporate management (business valuation, reengineering, corporate happiness) and personal happiness. Currently I am working on a Quantensprung fur Deutschland project aimed at making Germany the best of the best in the world. In all key areas.

And it is exactly this project that provided me with the incentive (drive, actually) powerful enough to commence this book project and bring it to a successful completion (book written, edited, proofread, designed and published – electronically and on paper).

Using my extensive experience in investment banking (corporate finance) and strategic management consulting, I developed corporate management technologies which are radically more efficient than any other technologies in existence.

And thus highly valuable to just about any organization – business enterprise (startup or an established company), government entity, non-profit organization, academic institution, etc.

But I want more. Much more. I want to use my technologies to radically change the world. First of all, to radically change Germany.

I want to use them to make Germany the best of the best. The best it can possibly be. The best, the most efficient and the happiest country in the world.

I want to provide German citizens with the highest overall quality of life. I want to make Germany (all of Germany) the best place in the world to live and work in, to start, own and do business and to invest in.

I want to make Germans the genuinely happiest people in the world and rightfully proud to be German. And – what is the most important – to create the environment where every German can be the best one can be.

I want to use my technologies to make German economy the fastest growing and the most efficient economy in the world – and keep it that way at all times. To radically increase the efficiency and performance of German businesses, government entities, academic institutions, non-profit organizations, etc. and to make them the most efficient in the world. And to make sure they stay that way – at all times.

I want to make Germany the best and the most attractive place in the world to start and do business; the undisputed global leader in innovation, finance and technology. To make Germany the global capital of finance, entrepreneurship, information technologies and technologies in general.

I want to use my technologies to make German education, health care, law enforcement and all other government functions at federal, state and local levels the best in the world.

To drastically reduce both street and organized crime (and all other kinds of crime), making all German communities (and the whole country) completely safe and secure – both online and “offline”. And, obviously, to make sure that there will be no more terrorist acts committed on the German soil. Ever.

And, of course, to make Germany a role model for all nations in Europe and in the world.  And to keep it that way – at all times.

In short, I want to use my corporate (actually, systems) management technologies to make Germany make a quantum leap (Quantensprung) in all areas of German life. All of them. Quantum leap to leadership, excellence and genuine happiness.

Why Germany? It’s a long story, actually. In short, I can prove beyond the reasonable doubt that Germany is a natural global leader and thus richly deserves “all of the above”.

To become the best of the best, Germany must make a quantum leap in just about every key area. Hence, I named my project Quantensprung fur Deutschland – (QSfD) Quantum Leap for Germany.  You can find a brief description of this project on my other Web site –

But to make this quantum leap, Germany must get rid of a very heavy burden. The burden of guilt generated by the very incorrect perception of their Nazi past. Perception based on propaganda (i.e. lies) generated, promoted and disseminated initially by the occupying powers and then (mostly unconsciously and mechanically) by the bureaucratic machine of the German government (at all levels), school system (also at all levels), professional and amateur ‘historians’, politicians, etc.

For the first few years (maybe even decades) after the end of WW2 these lies were useful and valuable because Germany had to transform itself into a highly efficient modern democracy (and to do that it had to overcome its Nazi past completely ASAP).

But after that objective had been accomplished (and it was very successfully accomplished – and within a very short period of time) – these lies have to go. For good. To make the vitally important Quantensprung, Germany and the German people must know the truth about its Nazi past. The truth that will finally set them free. Free from the murderous burden of guilt.

This book will help Germany and the Germans learn this truth and thus do away with this burden – for good. Hence this book is my gift to Germany and the German people. The gift without which the whole Quantesprung project can not and will not be successful. Which is simply not acceptable. Period.


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